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Dark Sky for Developers

Posted on by Jack Turner

People see Dark Sky and they see an app, but that’s only half the story. Not even half.1 What you hold in your hand when you use our app is a mere visualization of an entirely unique weather prediction system. This system has been developed by the two smartest people I’ve ever met2 and is every bit as impressive as the app itself.

Utilizing the US government’s doppler radar, and applying whiz-bang science,3 this Dark Sky Net — for lack of a better term — provides us with minute-by-minute predictions for exact locations and human-readable descriptions of what’s about to happen. We developed this system to be incredibly easy to communicate with over the Internet, resulting in a very powerful API. And when you make something powerful you want to share it with the world.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Dark Sky for Developers

Dark Sky for Developers

We know that these kind of forecasts must have applications in any number of markets / human endeavors. In fact, we are actively pursuing a number of licensing deals. But why limit Dark Sky to only the projects we can think of? So we’re offering free unlimited trial access to our API for anyone who wants to know the [near] future.

To facilitate this, we’ve built you a simple dashboard where you can monitor your API usage, manage your secret key, and read the documentation. Just don’t go and use our API in anything that is open to the public or commercial without talking to us first. When you reach that stage just send us an email and we can figure out how best to work together.

Now please, go make something!4

  1. 47%, to be precise.  ↩

  2. I can say that, they can’t.  ↩

  3. Neural nets, optical flow, cloud computing, object tracking, and Node.js — to drop a few buzzwords in no apparent order.  ↩

  4. Namely, an Android app that does short-term forecasting. We’re a bit busy at the moment. Thanks!  ↩

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